Dolphin Scholarship Foundation grants are available, on a competitive basis, to high school or college children/stepchildren and spouses of members or former members of the submarine force or those who have served in submarine support activities.

Currently, Dolphin Scholarship Foundation sponsors 112 ongoing DOLPHIN SCHOLARSHIPS with an annual grant of $2,100 per student for two-year colleges and $3,500 per student for four-year colleges in full-time undergraduate studies as well as students pursuing trade/vocational certification. Approximately 25-30 new scholarships are awarded each year. All scholars are selected on the basis of academic proficiency as well as commitment and excellence in school and community activities. Although not a part of the actual selection process, financial need is considered once all financial aid assistance for an applicant has been determined. Since our founding over 60 years ago, Dolphin Scholarship Foundation has granted over $13,500,000 to more than 1,400 outstanding students attending universities and colleges throughout the U.S.

Eligibility requirements can be viewed HERE.

Spouse Scholarships

We understand the hard work and many sacrifices that our military spouses make while keeping things together at home, oftentimes putting their own goals and ambitions on hold. We hope that by offering scholarships to eligible spouses working toward their first undergraduate degree or trade/vocational certification, we can provide assistance in making some of those goals achievable.

Kim Neuberger 2018 web2

"I have long been wanting to attend college, though financially it was tight. To be able to have some of the stress lifted by the wonderful support of this scholarship is a true blessing. I am very grateful to be the recipient of this scholarship and look forward to reaching my goal to be a nurse and help people."--Kimberly Neuberger, 2018 Charles Southall Scholar

Administered Scholarships

In the past, Dolphin Scholarship Foundation has administered scholarships on behalf of the USS Thresher and USS Scorpion Memorial Funds.  DSF now administers the Laura W. Bush Scholarship, the Nautilus Scholarship, and the USS HAMPTON (SSN 767) Scholarship.  The selection of these recipients for these scholarships is separate from and non-competitive with applicants for the Dolphin Scholarship.

The LAURA W. BUSH SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2006 to honor Mrs. Laura W. Bush, our First Lady, and is awarded to children or stepchildren of current or former crew members of PCU or USS TEXAS (SSN 775).  Mrs. Bush is the sponsor of USS TEXAS, which was commissioned on September 9, 2006.  Download Eligibility Requirements HERE.

NAUTILUS SCHOLARSHIP:  The Nautilus Alumni Association, Inc. (NAAI) has established the Nautilus Educational Assistance Fund (NEAF) to provide undergraduate scholarships for spouses and descendants of current or former crew members of USS NAUTILUS (SSN 571) through The Nautilus Scholarship Foundation. The number of awards and the amount of the scholarship may vary annually and will be determined prior to selection each year.  Download Eligibility Requirements HERE.

The USS HAMPTON (SSN 767) SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to current or former crew members of USS HAMPTON (SSN 767); or the spouse, child or stepchild current or former crew members of USS HAMPTON (SSN 767) who have served aboard for a minimum of two years.  Download Eligibility Requirements HERE.

The USS COLORADO (SSN 788) SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to current and former crew members of USS COLORADO (SSN 788); their spouse, child, stepchild, or a child under legal guardianship of a current or former crew member who has served onboard USS COLORADO (SSN 788) for a period of two years or more. Download Eligibility Requirements HERE.

The USS INDIANA (SSN 789) DIANE DONALD SCHOLARSHIP was established in 2019 by the USS Indiana Association in honor of Rear Admiral Richard N. Antrim and Chief Machinist’s Mate William Badders, Medal of Honor recipients. This scholarship is awarded to current or former crew members of USS Indiana (SSN 789) or the DOD recognized spouse or child of a current or former crew member of USS Indiana (SSN 789). This independent scholarship is administered by the Dolphin Scholarship Foundation. A total of two $3,400 scholarships may be awarded in an academic year. Download Eligibility Requirements HERE.