Policies & Guidelines

Scholarship Payments

Payments will be mailed directly to the appropriate office of your college on August 1 (fall semester) and December 1 (spring semester) of each year. If your college requires payment prior to these dates, you MUST notify the DSF office in writing, including the date by which the check must be received. If there are changes in the scholarship amount, you will be notified in writing. Otherwise, the amount stated in the initial award letter will apply.

This scholarship must be credited towards your tuition and tuition-related fees. Excess funds, if any, may be applied only toward room and board, but should be considered by you as taxable income.

Scholars Choosing to Receive Post 9/11 GI Bill Funds (Chapter 33)

Due to the all-encompassing nature of the Post 9/11 GI Bill, Dolphin Scholarship monies may only be applied to tuition and fees charged by the institution for scholars also receiving funding from this eduction benefit.  For more information on the Post 9/11 Gi Bill visit: http://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill/

Please be advised that inappropriate or unauthorized use of scholarship funds may result in the suspension or revocation of your scholarship.

Change of Status

Change of College: You must notify DSF immediately in writing of any change in your choice of college or in your intent to continue your education.

Change in Financial Need: If your educational expenses are being fully met by other scholarships or grants, including the Post 9/11 GI Bill, please advise DSF immediately.

Enrollment Status: Dependent children must maintain full-time enrollment status and a satisfactory academic record. Dependent spouses must maintain a minimum part-time enrollment status (12 credits) and a satisfactory academic record.  If you do not maintain the required course load or if you are placed on academic probation or suspension, DSF may temporarily suspend your scholarship until good academic standing is regained. DSF may also revoke your scholarship at its sole discretion.

Leaves of Absence: Contact DSF immediately to request a deferral of your scholarship during a leave of absence from college. An award may be deferred at the discretion of DSF.

Study Abroad: Requests to apply funds to study abroad must be made to DSF in advance. The study abroad program must be approved by your home institution and issue academic credits that are transferable to your college. Payment will only be issued to your home institution.

Withdrawal: If you withdraw from college, DSF must be notified immediately in writing. Any unused scholarship balance must be refunded to DSF. It is your responsibility to notify your school to return unused funds to DSF.


The DSF Board reserves the right to cancel any scholarship based upon the Board’s determination, in its sole discretion, that cancellation is in the best interests of DSF.

Contact Information

It is your responsibility to inform DSF immediately by letter or by email of any change in your home address, college address, email address and/or telephone number.  Correspondence will be sent to the email address and home address on your acceptance forms unless you specifically request we mail to another address.  Email is our primary means of communicating with you. Be sure DSF has your current email address.


DSF will advise you of the renewal process each spring. DSF will post NEW renewal forms on our website.  While you will not re-apply for your scholarship, you will be required, however, to submit ALL renewal forms and supporting documents, including an official transcript, by the stated deadline.

Annual renewal of this award for your undergraduate study (not to exceed eight semesters or $14,000; whichever comes first) is contingent upon maintaining your enrollment status, remaining a student in good academic standing at your college, and continuing to meet the original requirements upon which the award was granted including existing financial need. “Good Academic Standing” is defined as meeting the academic requirements of the  college/university where the student is enrolled, or a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0/C, whichever is higher.

Honor Policy

DSF expects our scholars to exemplify honorable conduct. To be eligible for a Dolphin Scholarship, a scholar may not have been charged with violating the honor code or displaying any other similar dishonorable conduct, at any current or former educational institutions (regardless of the outcome). If the scholar has been so charged, or is charged at any time after the submission of an application or the Acceptance Agreement, the scholar will provide DSF with a description of the violation, including any action taken by the institution, the date of the action, and a full explanation of the reasons for such action.


DSF reserves the right to publish your name as a selected Scholar whether or not you accept the scholarship. We request recent photos for our files, to share with our donors, and to publish on our website and in newsletters. Quotes from your essay and communications with the Foundation may also be used by DSF to promote scholarships. We may occasionally provide Scholar contact information (home address, phone number, email address) to representatives of submarine spouse associations, so they may contact Scholars regarding special events and recognition in local geographic areas.